Aviation Composites offers a range of composites services that include:

  • Composite Mouldings – Mouldings are manufactured using woven or uni-directional glass or carbon fibre thermoset or thermoplastic prepregs with honeycomb or foam cores or laminate only construction and cured in autoclave or oven according to the design requirements. All under our NADCAP composites accreditation.
  • Tooling Design – Design and manufacture of mould and associated tooling is undertaken for external customers as well as for in-house use for manufacture of composite components.
  • Tooling Manufacture – Mould tools are manufactured from 5-axis CNC machined patterns using techniques including carbon or glass prepreg, glass wet lay-up as appropriate to the particular requirement. Mould tools are fitted with a suitable solid support structure to maintain tool shape integrity.
  • Reverse Engineering – Components can be reverse engineered by digitally scanning existing components to produce design data from which new tools are produced.
  • Research and Development – R+D and product development projects are regularly undertaken. The small team involved allows for the focus and flexibility required for this type of work.
  • Nomex Honeycomb and Foam Core Processing – Core materials can be cut, chamfered, formed, kitted and packaged for delivery to suit customers’ requirements.
  • Prepreg and Adhesive Film Cutting and Kitting – Film materials can be cut, kitted and packaged and stored frozen for delivery to suit customers’ requirements.
  • Paint and Finishing – Component finishing and painting to primer level or final top coat is carried out in the new purpose built paint shop.
  • Flat panel fabrication – Flat composite panels and suitable low z-height mouldings are produced and trimmed and drilled for edge fill, bond folding and insert potting on the two 3-Axis CNC routers.
  • Assembly – The potting of inserts, edge void filling and final assembly of fasteners and fittings takes place in the assembly area.
  • Mechanical Testing – The capability of testing composite constructions for a wide range of material properties (shear, tension and compression strengths) has recently been introduced.
  • Project Management – All projects are managed by the small team from concept through advice on composite component and tool design, process control documentation, first part qualification, production, process control testing and first article inspection to final release certification and dispatch.
  • Composite repairs – Composite repairs are carried out by our sister company and EASA part 145 approved repair organisation .

Aviation Composites Tool
Aviation Composites Tool
Aviation Composites tool
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